day1 Everyone is talking about clothes and shoes! ! I want to say! ! In fact, jewelry can really highlight the temperament! It can really add points if it goes well! I bought a lot of ear clips when I didn’t have my ears pierced before. I just had my ears pierced last week and I didn’t want to waste ear clips. I found out that I can pretend I have two ear piercings hahaha The ear clips in the picture are single, I think the single clip can sometimes look cute and cute This Taobao shop is called FINO, and they usually sell Japanese originals or imitations... I don't think the quality is very good, so I didn't buy them before... But I bought a lot of accessories, and the ear clips are really cheap... I prefer to buy ear clips with ear pads, otherwise it will really hurt after a long time... When I can change the earrings, I will share with you the other earring stores I bought! !
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day1 大家都在说衣服和鞋子!! 我想说!!其实首饰真的很能凸显气质啊!搭配好的话真的很能加分! 之前还没打耳洞的时候买了很多耳夹,上周刚打了耳洞又不想浪费耳夹发现可以假装自己有两个耳洞哈哈哈 图里的耳夹是单支的,我觉得单边夹有时候也能显得俏皮可爱 这家淘宝店叫FINO,一般都卖日系原单或者仿的…我觉得质量不大好就没买咋买过…但是配件我倒是入了不少,耳夹真的特别便宜… 我比较建议买带耳垫的耳夹,不然时间久了真的特别疼… 等我可以换耳钉的时候再给大家分享下我买的其他耳环店!!