Versailles Rose Mask Gold Edition

Finally bought it I also used it So happy

I looked at the packaging of the mask and was very impressed

Rose of Versailles!

Love Orija and Andrea

I was chasing it for a long time at that time I saw the packaging I am impressed I am impressed< span class="s1"> There is another comic style that seems to be a long time ago

Wait a minute Am I digressing?

Introduction to the Gold Edition: as above

I have sensitive skin So it's more difficult to use a mask (hee hee)< /span>

Smells good Very gentle seems to smell similar before whee That's good It's kind of light The peach🍑flavor

The mask paper is slippery The essence is basically on it Less essence left in the bag

After application faceQQRunning It seems to have a face-lifting effect It may be an illusion after applying the mask

Tips: The last mask turned white after applying it QQ span> just looks slightly Oilpoints Go back and apply it again feel it better span>

Okay That's it Good night everyone💤 

Thank you🙏

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凡尔赛玫瑰面膜 金色版

终于买到了 也用到了 好开心




当时追了好久 看了包装 印象好深刻 有好感 又有种这种漫画风格好像是好久好久之前的了

等会儿 我是不是跑题了?


我是敏感肌肤 所以用面膜还是比较挑(嘻嘻)

味道很好闻 很温柔 好像以前闻过类似的味道 不错呀 有种淡淡的水蜜桃🍑

面膜纸滑滑的 精华基本都在上面了 袋子中的精华剩余较少

敷完后 QQ润润的 好似有点瘦脸的功效 可能是敷完面膜的错觉

Tips:上次的面膜敷完后白了点 QQ 就是看起来稍微了点 回头再敷一次 再好好感受下

好了 就这样了 各位晚安💤