Taro Coconut Milk Sago 💜

At homeDIYTaro sago💜💜

🔮Wash the taro first, peel it, and cut it into chunks for later use

🔮Steamed taro/Boil taro: cut into pieces and steam over high heat for about 15 minutes, then take one-third of it into a bowl, use a spoon span>🥄Crush or grind it in a blender for later use~ Or you can boil it. The water in the pot is boiled over high heat and then put in the taro pieces , and then continue to cook on low heat for about 15After that, remove the taro pieces and let them cool for later use🥣

🔮 Cooking sago: I suggest you don’t put it in cold water~ I made it It is to boil water first, then put the sago into a small pot and cook on low heat until the surface is translucent, turn off the heat, and then simmer it10In less than a minute, you can turn on a low heat and then turn off the heat and simmer until there is no white spot in the center. It is worth noting that⚠️ < /span>In order to avoid sticking to the pan, you can stir it in the middle.🥄

🔮 Pour the stewed sago into a colander, rinse the sticky rice with cold water It can be used for later use🥣  span>

🔮Open the prepared coconut fruit and pour the fragrant coconut milk and milk into the pot🥛🍼

🔮 Add a little rock sugar or white sugar🥥Boil the prepared taro, coconut milk and the taro paste just made until boiling, and finally put the sago in and stir well🥣

🔮Warm up and serve a big bowl~I strongly recommend trying it chilled🍧 Super delicious ice desserts with ice cubes😋🍨

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🔮 煮西米:建议大家不要冷水下锅~我做的是先烧开水,然后西谷米放入小锅以小火煮至外表半透明,熄火,然后焖个10分钟不到可以再开小火煮沸再熄火焖,直到中心无白点~值得注意的是⚠️ 为了避免粘锅,中途可以搅拌一下哦🥄

🔮 焖煮好的西米倒入漏勺,用冷水冲洗黏质后可以备用啦🥣 


🔮 加入少许冰糖或白砂糖🥥把做好的芋头、椰汁和刚才做的芋蓉,煮至沸腾,最后把西米放进去搅拌均匀🥣