[Gege's sharing] Chacha pecan seeds are so delicious that they can't stop 🌻

Today I will recommend a snack that I like very much Is also Yami's top out-of-stock king——Qiaqia pecan-flavored melon seeds ! I believe that my friends who have eaten this melon seeds must be like me"Poisoning"Let's go Really the best melon seeds I have ever eaten! I can’t forget it after I eat it for the first time~This time I finally stocked up when Yami restocked Three packs I hope I can cherish and eat(< span class="s4">꒦_) 

Qiaqia's melon seeds are what I grew up with What kind of boiled water Five spice is also a must-have for families during Chinese New Year and festivals span>! Although I wasn't a particularly fond of melon seeds before But since I ate pecan seeds, I really want to keep my tongue numb, hahahahaha~~ p>

Pecan seeds compared to ordinary seeds The particles are bigger and fuller The seeds are also big Super satisfying in one bite! And very crispy span> A mouthful of milky pecan flavors It's really fragrant even the melon seeds and shells! It's really scary to have a pack every time I follow a drama  

But I really can't eat too much delicious food Especially this kind of dry food~Every time I eat too much melon seeds, I will feel a little bit If you lose your appetite, you can't eat dinner This is bad! span>And eating too much is especially easy to get angry The tongue will be numb span>"Crap" I Yesterday, I ate a pack and it was really uncomfortable.~I advise everyone to do what they can, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ~

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今天要来推荐一款我超级喜欢的小零食 也是亚米的顶级断货王——洽洽山核桃味瓜子! 我相信吃过这个瓜子的朋友们一定都和我一样"中毒" 真的是我吃过的最好吃的瓜子了! 第一次吃过之后就忘不了了~这次终于在亚米补货的时候囤了三包 希望我能珍惜着吃(_) 

洽洽的瓜子呢就是我从小吃到大的 什么水煮啊 五香啊也是逢年过节家庭必备了! 虽然以前我不是一个特别特别爱嗑瓜子的人 但是自从吃了山核桃瓜子我真的把自己舌头嗑麻都还想继续嗑哈哈哈哈~

山核桃瓜子相比普通的瓜子 颗粒更加大更加饱满 瓜子仁也很大 一口口的超满足! 而且非常的酥脆爽口 一口口都是山核桃的奶香味 真的连瓜子壳都很香! 我每次追剧一次一包真的很可怕 

不过呢好吃的东西真的不能吃多了 特别是这种干货~每次吃多了瓜子会觉得有点儿败胃口就吃不下正餐了 这样很不好! 而且吃多了还特别容易上火 舌头都会嗑麻嗑"" 我昨天嗑了一包真的上火超难受~奉劝大家量力而行哈哈哈哈~

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