Unboxing again!

Arrived the day before yesterday!Just a box of drinks&The mask comes with a sushi curtain and a pack of enzymes    The selected warehouse in the west is gone because many of the warehouses in the east are gone

Bought a lot of single sheet masks to try    < /span>However, any mask is hydrating in my place

The main shop of planting grass has been buying a box for a long time!!!!Try it first   Love it Repo

BoughtRAYBecause my roommate gave me one one day     I lay down and played on the computer after applying (About twelve o'clock in the evening)…

Then I woke up at five o'clock     The mask paper is dry………But my face doesn't feel dry< /span>    A little tightness    I went to wash my face    The face feels thick as soon as it gets wet Thick Essences"Resurrection"Yes    Personally, it feels quite moisturizing    So I bought a box

👇🏻It looks big but it is probably a medium box


Actually, the consumption of beverages at home is extremely slow    Most of my drinks like Vita Lemon Tea    < /span>When I buy a box, almost all my classmates come to eat and drink at homeI didn't drink much

And I don't usually drink much    Average beverage consumption rate is less than one bottle per week    < /span>I have basically lost weight recently🤣Slim Let's talk again

Jasmine tea was missing when the package of last timedamage was shipped. In stock

tomomadu's soda I've always wanted to drink   no peach flavor😭

Some vitamins    I don't think I have ever drunk Vita's chrysanthemum tea

I don't know why I should buy Leadscap    I used to hate it🤣sticky span>

Bought three spring rain fruit and vegetable series~I also bought pink spring rain span>

(Thinking of the spring rain at homeETThe eyes are the same size.I don't know what happened

I also bought a pack of lululunseven pieces   It should be the same as the extraction I am using now< /span>

I finally bought an enzyme    < /span>triple the sugar that breaks down the one    < /span>I didn't want to eat it when I saw the four tablets a day written on the bagLet's talk later🤣

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前天到的!就是一箱饮料&面膜外带一个寿司帘和一包酵素    选的西边的货仓因为东边很多都没了

买了很多单片面膜想试一试    然而其实任何面膜在我这里都是补水的

种草惠之本铺很久了终于买了一盒!!!!先试一试   喜欢会回购

RAY是因为有天室友给了我一片    我敷了之后躺着玩电脑结果睡着了(大概晚上十二点多)…

然后我五点多醒过来     面膜纸干了………但是脸上没觉得干    一点点紧绷    我去洗了个脸    脸部刚沾水就感觉到厚厚的精华都"复活"    个人感觉还是蛮保湿的    所以就买了一盒



其实家里饮料消耗速度极其慢    我大部分饮料比如维他柠檬茶    我成箱买的时候几乎都是同学来家里吃饭喝掉的自己没喝多少

而且平时我也不咋喝饮料    平均饮料消耗速度小于一周一瓶    最近在减肥基本上不会碰了🤣瘦了再说吧


tomomadu的汽水一直想喝   没有桃子味儿的😭

一些维他    维他的菊花茶我好像还没喝过

我也不知道我为啥要买丽得姿    我以前很讨厌它的🤣



还买了个lululun的七片包   感觉和我现在用的抽取式那个应该是一样的

最后还买了个酵素    糖质三倍分解那个    买回来看到袋子上写的一天四粒就不咋想吃了过段时间再说吧🤣