Fork of the Day Recipe - Honey Lemon Passion Fruit

Go to the end of last monthfresh marketbuy fruit   Bought that ZespriGolden Kiwifruit   Red Apple   And saw passion fruit   Just thinking about making honey lemon passion fruit    Mama is always doing it at home    So I took four passion fruits   Bought another lemon   Because the one at home seems to be a little distracted

I was joking with my roommate at the time that I felt like I had a hand in vitaminsC

There is not enough honey at home to go to school todayfoodlionBought a bottle    Here are all required materials👇🏻

Two lemons   Passion Fruit Four   < /span>Honey    span>A sealable container

First lemon slice   Lay a layer of lemon and a layer of honey like honey lemons   We'll add passion fruit when it's almost full

Processing passion fruit(Also called passion fruit)👇🏻

Ugly looking    I didn't find the price when I took it and saw it on the display when I paid2.99ea My heart is bleeding

Passion fruit is crinkly and sweeter    Among the four, two are more wrinkled and two are not so wrinkled, so I ended up using only the two wrinkled ones     Eat those two and add~

Just cut it with a knife   It looks like this👇🏻

Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and add them to the honey lemon.



I ended up putting two more lemons on top

A total of half a bottle of honey was used

Then throw it in the refrigerator and wait for two days.~~~

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上个月末去fresh market买水果   买了那个Zespri的金奇异果   红红的苹果   然后看到了百香果   就想着做蜂蜜柠檬百香果    麻麻在家就老做    于是拿了四个百香果   又买了个柠檬   因为家里那个好像有点焉焉的


家里蜂蜜不够了今天下课去foodlion买了一瓶    这是所有需要的材料👇🏻

柠檬两个   百香果四个   蜂蜜    可密封容器一个

首先柠檬切片   像做蜂蜜柠檬那样一层柠檬一层蜂蜜铺起来   铺到快满的时候我们来加百香果


长得很难看    拿的时候没找到价格付钱的时候看到显示屏上2.99ea我的心在滴血……

百香果是越皱越甜    这四个里面有两个比较皱两个还没那么皱所以我最后只用了那两个皱的    吃完那两个再加~

用小刀直接切开就好啦   里面长这样👇🏻