# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # I haven't written 晒单 for a long time, because many of them are well-known products, I will not promote them. But today I have to call this cosmeceutical mask that I have been using for a while. I used this mask for a few months before I came to recommend it to everyone, because it is for the face after all, so be careful. First of all, as you can see from the picture, the dark box, the mask I bought three boxes on the right is my favorite. Because of staying up all night, it is very difficult to maintain the skin. So deep nourishment is definitely my first choice. The moisturizing effect of this mask is very good, and you will notice a noticeable change the next morning after using it. And the serum is really amazing. I experimented, and a box of mask can fill a full bottle of a travel-size spray bottle with excess serum. Since I'm not a beauty blogger, I won't recommend products that I don't use or that work just fine. But this one is really useful. Just sauce~ arrange ❤️
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# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # 很久没有写晒单了,因为很多大部分都是大家妙口良传的产品我就不推广了。 但是今天必须给这个我用了一阵子才来打卡的药妆面膜打Call。 这款面膜我是用了几个月才过来推介给大家的, 因为毕竟是脸上用的东西,要慎重。 首先,从图片上可以看到,深色盒子,右面买了三盒的面膜是我的最爱。因为经常熬夜,保持皮肤是非常困难的事情。 所以深层滋养肯定是我的首选。 这款面膜的保湿滋润效果很好,用完后第二天早上你就会发现明显变化。 而且精华液真心超满超赞。 我试验了一下,一盒面膜可以多余的精华液可以挤满旅行装喷雾瓶的满满一瓶。 因为我不是美妆博主,所以我不会推介一些自己没用,或者是效果一般的产品。 但是这款,真心好用。就酱~ 安排❤️