# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # To tell the truth, I bought this for the reason of collecting the order, but I really hesitated. Since I usually like to boil my tea, it is very likely that the full soaking is a bit too much. I drank a big glass of water during the day, and at night I received a friend who I haven’t seen for a long time to go out to have fun, and the result... Others go to the toilet with a drink, but I squatted on the toilet and couldn't get up and down. So if you're sure you won't go out today or tomorrow, you can drink it. I recommend drinking it at night, it usually takes several hours for the effect to take effect, so I just woke up in the morning to detox. But if you usually wake up earlier, it doesn't matter. I'm not sure about weight loss or anything, but detoxification is a must. And there will be no sad stomach ache or LA to weak legs and the like. It's not going to the toilet after drinking, but it doesn't feel uncomfortable. As for whether I will lose weight, I will tell you when I finish drinking this box. Arrangement~❤️
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# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # 讲真当初就是抱着凑单的原因买了这个,但真心LA了一晃。 因为我平时都喜欢把茶煮一下,所以很可能充分侵泡的有点过分。 白天当水喝了一大杯,晚上接到一个很久不见的小伙伴出去嗨,结果..... 别人是嗨的喝到厕所去,我是蹲在马桶上下不来。 所以如果你确定今明两天都不会出门,就可以拿来喝了。我是建议晚上喝,时常大概要好几个小时才会见效,所以刚好早上起来排毒。 但是如果你平时起的比较早,那就无所谓了。 减重什么的我还不确定,但是排毒是一定的。 而且不会有很难过的肚子疼或者LA到腿软之类的反应。 喝完了不是上厕所,但是不会觉得很难受。 至于会不会瘦,等我喝完这一盒来告诉你。 安排~❤️