# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # I bought this because I am a cat fanatic. 🐱 Just finished talking about how you feel. First of all, this one is really hard to squeeze, and it's even more difficult to squeeze if you still have water on your hands when you shower. The second is color, and strips of brown color are squeezed out, uh... Have you thought of anything? Ewwww Speaking of taste, the strong coffee taste, I personally like it very much. The feeling of use, the body friction feeling is not very strong, but some lubrication. No bubbles (I have used bubbles from other homes) Let's talk about rinsing, because I have used other households before, and a natural shower is fine, but this one needs to be taken care of, and some places may not be easy to clean because the rubbing is not in place. Okay, just sauce, take what you need, arrange ❤️
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# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # 因为是猫咪狂热粉,就买了这款。🐱 刚刚用完说说感受。 首先,这款真的很难挤,如果是淋浴的时候手上还有水,就更难挤了。 其次是颜色, 挤出来一条条咖啡色的,呃…… 有没有想到什么。 Ewwww 来说说味道,很浓的咖啡味道,我个人是很喜欢的。 使用感受,身体摩擦感觉不是很强烈, 但是有些润滑。不会起泡泡(我有用过其他家起泡泡的) 再来说说冲洗, 因为之前用其他家,自然淋浴就好了,但是这款要心去照顾一下,有些地方可能会因为揉搓不到位而不容易清洗。 好啦, 就酱, 各取所需,安排❤️