It’s an old rule to praise Yami’s delivery brother at the beginning💛🧡❤️ The order I placed in the middle of the night last night was delivered this afternoon. I was dizzy and I saw a beautiful Yami package at the door. Hi Sen~ When I opened the box, the 🐱 meow stars at home were also very happy and stared at me📶 🍜Baijia is convenient for fans, this delicacy that everyone knows, but I still want to recommend it. It's too cured. When you don't want to wash the pot, heat the water in the bowl and microwave it for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, season the seasoning bag and mix it. It's very delicious. Eggs (the link to the marinated eggs is also in the picture 😻 The feeling of sitting at a roadside stall in Datianchao every minute 🍲Unified pork dry rice noodles are cheap and delicious, relatively light, add a few slices of cabbage or Qingjiang vegetables, beat an egg, Buddhist health care, you can ignore the fact that you are eating instant rice noodles 💁‍♀️Shiseido's hair mask is also a very well-known product. After I really used it, I realized that my split ends were finally saved. The first can is almost bottomed out, hurry up and enter the second can. There are still discounts The time has come! ps remind the little fairies that the conditioner must not be applied to the roots of the hair, just apply it from the middle of the hair to the ends of the hair. Lessons from blood and tears! 🍭I don’t know why Qiyunshan sour jujube cake can’t be bought. This sweet-scented osmanthus sour jujube cake is also very delicious, with a little more fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus. Each individual packaging is very convenient. The thickness of the sour jujube cake is touching. I decided to add it to the repurchase list~ 🥤 Fragrant Piao Piao milk tea is the first time I bought it and it is surprisingly delicious! When I took two sips and went to pack the snacks, one of the family 🐷 took advantage of it and she drank it all for me in less than a minute. 🥣Super is the cereal I have been repurchasing. It’s too late to eat and drink a cup of cereal for breakfast. It saves time, trouble, effort and worry. The point is that hin is delicious! It is highly recommended for children who get up early to work and those who stay up late. Don't miss it when you pass by! 🍠Finally, I would like to praise Yimeng Commune Dried Sweet Potatoes. It's amazing! ! Of all the messy dried sweet potatoes I've ever eaten in America, this one is the best! ! The sweetness is moderate, the aroma is natural, and the color is authentic. There are three separate packages in one package. There are three to four pieces of dried sweet potatoes in each small package. In fact, they are not dry at all. Some of the small pieces have a bit of humidity. And it’s very real. After eating one pack, I feel like I’ve eaten a bowl of rice😂 In short, the little friends who like to eat sweet potatoes will definitely love this dried sweet potato from Yimeng Commune. The goddess of simplicity and sweetness 💕 Those who can see here must be beautiful and kind-hearted sisters and brothers The weather is cold, remember to add clothes~ Finally, I wish everyone to eat Ma Ma Xiang and everything will come true☺️
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老规矩 开场先表扬亚米送货的小哥哥💛🧡❤️ 昨晚半夜下的单 今天下午就送到了 上一天课头晕眼花回到家就看到美好的亚米包裹📦乖巧的在门口等着我 太嗨森~ 开箱的时候家里的🐱喵星人也都很嗨并且喵视眈眈📶 🍜白家方便粉丝这个大家都知道的美食 但我还是要推荐一下 实在太治愈了 不想洗锅的时候 碗里加热水 微波炉叮3分钟后 下调料包拌一下也灰常美味 个人习惯加醋加卤蛋(卤蛋的链接也在图片里哦😻分分钟坐在大天朝路边摊的感觉 🍲统一肉燥米粉便宜好吃 比较清淡 加几片白菜或者青江菜 再打一个鸡蛋 佛系养生 可以忽略自己在吃方便米粉的事实 💁‍♀️资生堂这款发膜也是相当家喻户晓的产品了 好不好真的用了才知道 我分叉的发梢终于有救了 第一罐快见底了 赶紧进第二罐 现在还有打折 拼手速的时刻到了!ps提醒一下小仙女们 护发素千万不要抹到发根 从头发中间往发梢抹上就可以了 血泪教训呐! 🍭不晓得为啥齐云山酸枣糕买不到了 这个桂花酸枣糕也非常好吃 多了一丢丢桂花的清香 每个独立包装很方便 酸枣糕厚度感人 果断加入回购名单~ 🥤香飘飘牛乳茶我第一次买 意外的好喝呢!我喝了两口去收拾零食的时候 被家里的一只🐷趁虚而入了 她不到一分钟给我全喝完了🙃🙃 我下一单要买二十杯 一杯都不给她😕 🥣Super这个麦片是我一直在回购的 早餐来不及吃喝一杯麦片省时省事省力省心 重点是hin好喝!极力推荐给早起上班的孩子们以及熬夜星人 走过路过不要错过! 🍠最后重点表扬一下沂蒙公社地瓜干 实在是太惊艳了!!在美国吃过的所有乱七八糟地瓜干里 这家是最好吃的!!甜度适中香气天然颜色正宗 一包里有三个独立包装 每小包里有三到四片地瓜干 其实一点都不干 有的小片有一丢丢的湿度 那种的特别好吃!而且特别实在 一包吃完有种吃了碗饭的感觉😂总之喜欢吃地瓜的小盆友一定会很爱沂蒙公社的这款地瓜干 集质朴甜美于一身的女神💕 能看到这里的一定是人美心善的小姐姐和小哥哥 天气冷了记得加衣服~最后祝大家吃嘛嘛香 心想事成☺️