As a Changsha native, this is simply the happiest time! Bought my favorites and best of all they are so yummy! easy! eat! There is no one of the best flavors of rice sweeping spicy assorted! Fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, noodles, or just plain rice are great. Indonesian Yingduo Fried Noodles with Fried Egg is really a must! Master Kong instant noodles and Baijia hot and sour noodles will take me back to my hometown in minutes ❤️ I love Yami Yami is the driving force of my life lol
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作为一名长沙人,这简直是最幸福的一次! 买到了我的最爱们,最重要的是他们都很方!便!吃! 饭扫光麻辣什锦最好的口味没有之一!炒饭炒菜煮面条或者直接就着白米饭吃都超棒。 印尼营多炒面配煎蛋真的是一绝! 康师傅方便面还有白家酸辣粉分分钟带我回家乡❤️ 我爱亚米 亚米是我生活的动力 哈哈