Steamed Pork Noodles is very practical, please update Yami

My mother is very good at making steamed pork with sweet potato flour, and she can make delicious steamed pork with sweet potato flour using the Datong electric cooker! I wanted to eat this dish for the past two days, but there was only a small packet of steamed meat noodles brought from Taiwan. I remember a friend said before that she made her own steamed meat noodles in Turkey. I checked it online, and it doesn't look difficult. It's basically the same as what my mother said in their hometown. The materials are also available at home. I tried it based on various opinions, and the result is really good! It was a success after a try, and I immediately made the beef noodle steamed pork in the evening!

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蒸肉粉 很实用 亚米请上新