A chance encounter, they got married and had children, and they were successful 1 The first time I met Watsons, I was working part-time. My colleague said he always looked at me, but I had no idea at the time. 2 The first date for dinner, hot pot, I was late for a manicure, and someone who didn't understand the style didn't think it looked good 3 The first kiss I was looking at the mustache on his mouth Someone thought I wanted to kiss him was looking at his lips 4. When I was pregnant, I liked to go to an Italian restaurant. I liked blackcurrant soda. I taught you how to prepare soda water of any flavor that you need to prepare (the grapefruit for the best temporary display of lemon flavor) + Vita blackcurrant juice in a ratio of 7:3. My classmates, add more juice. I have stocked up more than a dozen bottles of this juice. It is delicious to drink alone and a little sweet. It is super delicious and bursting!
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一次偶然的相遇,竟然结婚生子,修成正果 1 第一次相遇 屈臣氏 那时候去兼职 同事说他总看我 然而我当时是没什么想法的 2 第一次约会吃饭 火锅 为了做美甲还迟到了 结果不解风情的某人也没觉得好看 3 第一次接吻 我在看他嘴上的小胡子 某人以为我想亲他 在看他嘴唇 4怀孕的时候很喜欢去一家意大利餐厅 超喜欢黑加仑苏打 教给大家自制 需要准备任意口味苏打水(柠檬口味最佳 临时显示用的西柚)+维他黑加仑汁 7:3比例调配 爱甜口的同学多加点果汁 这个果汁我囤了十几瓶 很好喝 单独喝有点甜 调配起来超好喝 吹爆!