Gospel for international students in the United States People who can eat spicy stars are greatly satisfied Yumei Hotpot&Baijia Chenji Hot and Sour Noodles&Haohuan Snail Noodles&Turkey Noodles Tea in winter Stocked up red dates tea milk tea fat flow tea Drink green juice if you want to be healthy The last 1p red jujube tea is highly praised for its strength. There are red dates and walnuts. It is very happy to drink. The photos are not good.
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在美留学生福音嘤嘤嘤 能吃辣星人得到极大满足 与美小火锅&白家陈记酸辣粉&好欢螺螺蛳粉&火鸡面 冬天就是要喝茶呀 囤了红枣茶奶茶脂流茶 要健康就喝青汁嘛 最后1p红枣茶实力好评啊啊啊有红枣和核桃碎,喝起来超有幸福感,照片拍的不好看而已啦