1. freeplus facial cleanser amino acid facial cleanser recently used soap-based facial cleanser too much force to damage the barrier and quickly entered the amino acid I used elta md facial cleanser before this time to try this 2. Small powder pill is a good helper for diarrhea and constipation. I usually take it in the early morning at night, so it is recommended to take it earlier. 3. Daiso whitening lotion & whitening lotion is very cheap in order to get a single, but it is said that the whitening effect is very good, try it 4. Eye drops (color contact lenses) This is also bought together, but it is also necessary to buy it because my eyes will be uncomfortable if I wear color lenses for a long time. Buy eye drops to relieve eye fatigue.
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1.freeplus洗面奶 氨基酸洗面奶 最近用皂基洗面奶用力过猛屏障受损赶紧入了氨基酸的 我之前用过elta md洗面奶 这次换这个试试 2.小粉丸 拉肚子治便秘好帮手 我一般晚上吃凌晨拉 所以建议早一点吃 拉完正好睡觉了 3.大创美白化妆水&美白乳液 为了凑单拿的 很便宜但是据说美白功效很好 试一下 4.眼药水(美瞳型) 这也是凑单买的 但是也是有必要买的 因为我长期带美瞳 眼睛会不舒服 买个眼药水缓解下眼疲劳