Today is the second time for our family to participate in Halloween🎃, but it is the first time to ask for candy, although he doesn't say trick n treat. But he is very happy. The time is good, so he went to ask for candy at 7-8 o'clock. There are no people and the whole street is decorated so great! I just can't take pictures at night.
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今天是我们家大宝第二次 参加万圣节🎃 可是第一次要糖果哦 虽然不会说trick n treat. 不过他好开心哦 时间上还好 也就7-8点去要的糖果🍬 早去了一个人都没有 整条街都装饰的很棒棒得! 就是晚上拍照拍不出那种效果