🎃Happy Halloween👻Let's carve pumpkins together✌️

Today is America's favorite Halloween again~Americans are the most serious about the festival I have ever seen the most ceremonial Feeling 😆Although I am a senior now < span class="s2">I no longer have the enthusiasm and novelty of my freshman year and sophomore year But I still want to Follow the fun!Just went there last weekendPumpkin patch span>And the male votes each chose their favorite little pumpkins There is nothing tonight Activities togetherDIYPumpkin Bar!Actually, I originally planned to carve tomorrow at noon Because I always thought it was Halloween hahahaha< /span> Stupid~

Today me and the male ticket eachDIYI liked the style hahaha~Probably the steps are also very simple And the first time we sculpted it was pretty smooth!

①Select: First, you need to select the plump side of the pumpkin Think about a look!

②De-pickle: Then use a black pen to draw the top of the pumpkin and need to dig out size Approximately draw a shape Using the knife slowly along the drawn route, dig out a circle on the top of the head then pull out the pedicle !

③Remove the flesh and seeds: Carefully remove the inner flesh of the pumpkin with a spoon Dig it clean Clean up all those things(Pumpkin seeds can be left to fry if you like)~

④Design style: Draw yourself with a black neutral pen that is more color-producing The way you want to sculpt Pay attention to aligning the eyes, nose, mouth, etc.~( Otherwise, I will carve out my male ticket's crooked mouth and small-eyed pumpkin😆)

⑤sculpting: I am really a very casual and carefree girl< /span> Not very detailed~So my whole carving tool is a little fruit knife hahaha....Draw along the idea It's good to engrave. Be sure to cut enough and evenly!!! Then I10 be done in less than a minute !Although it is really the first time to sculpt < span class="s2">But I really feel like I'm fast works like an assembly line< span class="s1">~After engraving, wipe off the excess handwriting with a wet tissue. 

⑥Check: This step is to check whether the inside of the pumpkin is dry or wet. Flatness can guarantee good candle placement🕯

✌️A super simple and cute🎃It's ready Let's feel the festive atmosphere together☺️

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🎃Happy Halloween👻一起快乐的雕南瓜吧✌️

今天又到了美国人最喜欢的万圣节啦~对于节日美国人真的是我见过最最认真 最最有仪式感的😆虽然说现在大四了 已经完全没有大一大二时候那股热情和新奇劲儿 但是还是想要跟着热闹热闹!刚好上个周末去了Pumpkin patch和男票各自挑选了各自喜欢的小南瓜 于是今晚也没有什么活动就一起DIY南瓜吧!其实我本来都打算明天中午雕的 因为我一直以为明天才是万圣节哈哈哈哈哈 傻了~

今天我和男票各自DIY了喜欢的造型哈哈哈~大概步骤也特别简单 而且我俩第一次雕也还挺顺手的!

①挑选: 先就是需要挑选南瓜比较饱满的一面 大概构想一下造型!

②去蒂: 然后拿黑笔画出南瓜的顶需要挖出的大小 大概画一个形状 上刀慢慢的沿着画好的路线把头顶给挖出一个圆 再拔掉蒂!

③去瓤去籽: 认真的用勺子把南瓜的内瓤给挖干净 把丝丝那些都清理好(南瓜子喜欢的可以留下来炒)~

④设计造型: 用比较显色的黑色中性笔画出自己想要雕的样子 注意对齐眼睛鼻子嘴巴什么的~(不然就会雕出我男票那种歪嘴小眼南瓜😆)

⑤雕刻: 我真的是一个非常随意大大咧咧的女孩子 不是很细致~所以我的整个雕刻工具就是一把小小的水果刀哈哈哈....沿着构思好画好的样子雕刻就好啦 一定要切的够力够均匀!!! 然后我10分钟不到就搞好了!尽管真的是第一次雕 但是我真的觉得我速度很快 像是在流水线工作~雕好之后再用湿纸巾擦掉多余的笔迹就好了 

⑥检查: 这一步就是要检查南瓜内里的干湿程度还有平整度 就能保证好放蜡烛🕯

✌️一个超级简单可爱的🎃就做好了 一起感受节日气氛吧☺️