【function of beauty】 Custom Shampoo 护发 Following the wind, I couldn't help but enter this custom shampoo! Go to the website to quickly quiz your hair quality and appeal! Then I chose the scent and color, I chose the peach flavor, and I specifically chose a different color! You can also write your name on it After using it several times, my cravings are moisturizing and reducing dandruff and dry scalp. I have dry hair after using it, and my hair was frizzy before, but this time my hair is very smooth, and I only noticed it after the second time I used it! My scalp is still dry, I hope it will improve after a few more uses! The fragrance is really super good, I like the taste I choose 💕
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yami_featured_image 【function of beauty】 定制洗发水护发素 跟着风还是忍不住入了这套定制洗发水! 进去网站快速quiz自己的发质和诉求! 然后选香味和颜色,我选了peach味道,特地选了不同的颜色! 上面还可以写自己的名字 用了好几次了,我的诉求是保湿和减少头皮屑头皮干燥。 用完后我是干发,之前头发很毛躁,但是这几次头发很顺滑,用的第二次才慢慢发现! 头皮还是比较干,希望多用几次会有改善! 香味真的超级好闻,自己选的味道好喜欢💕