Sushi made with ingredients bought on✌️ 📝The ingredients are very simple, just need sushi nori, sushi rice, meat (here I I used Chinese sausage, because American sausages are weird), the first picture In the picture, the sushi contains my own pickled cabbage, and the second picture contains The enoki mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, and tomato sauce bought on It's not inferior to the sushi bought outside! 🤤Sahua🌼🌼 1⃣️ Place the sushi nori on the sushi roller blind 2⃣️ Spread the rice evenly on the seaweed 3⃣️ Put a finger-thick cucumber stick and carrot stick 4⃣️ Put a pickled spicy cabbage or other flavor-enhancing vegetables 5⃣️ Put some meat, don't be too thick, otherwise the package is not tight, and the sushi will easily fall apart 6⃣️ The most sacred step of wrapping sushi, rolling the sushi, many students say longevity The bag is not tight, the key lies in this step. ‼ ️ Knock on the blackboard Usually two rolls are enough. When the first roll is made, the vegetables and meat are all wrapped up. You can use the rolling shutter to wrap it. You must pinch it hard and use the force of feeding. Gas, pressed the sushi firmly. Second time roll leftover rice and seaweed Get up and squeeze again. Firm sushi is ready! 7⃣️ The last step is to cut the sushi. Be gentle when cutting, the knife needs to be tested back and forth, sushi is very fragile 🍣 If you like, you can squeeze your favorite sauce 🎃 Sushi is simple and delicious 😋 easy to make and very eye-catching
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在亚米网上买到的材料做的寿司耶✌️ 📝材料很简单,只需要寿司海苔,寿司米饭,肉(我这里 用的是中式腊肠,因为美国的香肠都怪怪的),第一张 图寿司里面夹的是我自己腌的辣白菜,第二张图里面夹 的是在亚米网上买的金针菇,黄瓜,胡萝卜,番茄酱。 做出来完全不输外面买的寿司哦! 🤤撒花🌼🌼 1⃣️ 寿司海苔放在寿司卷帘 2⃣️ 将米饭均匀涂抹在海苔上 3⃣️ 放上一根手指粗细的黄瓜条和胡萝卜条 4⃣️ 放一条腌好的辣白菜或其他提味的菜 5⃣️ 放点肉,不要太粗哦,不然包不严,寿司容易散 6⃣️ 包寿司最神圣的一步,将寿司卷起来,很多同学说寿 司包不紧,关键就在这一步啦。‼️敲黑板 一般卷两次就好啦。第一次卷的时候讲菜和肉全部裹起来,可以借助卷帘裹,一定要狠狠的捏,使出吃奶的力 气,把寿司压的实实地。第二次把剩下的米饭和海苔卷 起来,再狠狠的挤一次。紧实的寿司就做好啦! 7⃣️ 最后一步,切寿司。切的时候要轻柔,刀要来回的试探,寿司是很脆弱的🍣 喜欢的话可以挤上自己喜欢的酱🎃 寿司简单好吃😋又好做而且做岀来很养眼