Yumei Bo Bo Chicken

The most expensive fast food I've ever bought  span>

Bought before I bought a box after reading the reviews and it was good span> As a result, I saw Gege's post😂

So I have been mentally preparing for a long time before I dare to open it (you can't throw it away


ID photo👇

There is a hole in the lid of the box, it is estimated that it is the same box as his self-heating powder

After opening it, I grabbed a bunch of messes from it

Both cabbages have similar contents. The big bag is probably the vegetable bag (bamboo shoots, potatoes, lotus root, fungus, konjac, enoki mushrooms) that take off the vegetables. It's just that there is a small package in addition to thisI don't know why

A pack of dried tofu

a bag of soybeans/peas (I don't know what that is It looks almost the same after frying But it says peas on the package

A pack of dips

A pack of soup

A pack of sauces

A packet of sea cabbage (I didn't see what it was before I tore it up)

A pair of chopsticks

A wet wipe

In short, it looks very lively It is also suitable for taking out (no complaints again) Cutlery's American Cup Noodles

Considering everyone says that the vegetables are sour and bitter, I still soak the vegetables in boiling water for a few minutes

This vegetable bag is the same as that of Maocai, with a ham flavor😂 I guess it's preservatives+the taste of additives😂

I don't know if the hot water is useful or not, but I didn't feel any obvious sour and bitter taste when I ate it (of course, it may be that this bag just isn't bitter p>

And the hot water seems to have cooked the potatoes a little, which is more noodles than what I have eaten before

Sprinkle with sauce and soup bag after soaking.

The sauce has a lot of sesame seeds and the taste is okay. It's not as spicy as the cooking material, and the taste is so punchy. The aroma of the condiments also seems to be slightly different. But as for the taste of bobo chicken, I can't say.I only ate bobo once in my life five years ago. Chicken, I haven't eaten much yet😂In short, I think this taste is actually good for foreigners who don't really ask for authentic ? And it's not too spicy, I thinkok

I really don’t know what that soup tastes likeI dipped it in After tasting a little bit, it has taste and taste, and tasteless and tastelessVery fantastic 😂It's just that there is some powdery sediment in it, be careful not to pour it in_(:з "∠)_

I think of beans and sea cabbage after mixing 

The beans are still very fragrant after soaking for a while And it will not hurt the cheeks< /span>And the feeling of the douban being crispy is very cute (I want to eat the fried soybeans I ate as a child 

This sea cabbage was a surpriseI never got him The sea cabbage at home is the first time I have eatenIt is very crisp and the meat is very thick. Tasty but not too spicy (it's fine for me

Anyway, is this Bo Bo chicken stillOK? If you still have leftovers that don’t taste good, you can consider soaking them in hot water after opening the package. Maybe it will work?

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之前买的 看评论还不错就一样买了一盒 结果看见了格格的晒单😂






两包菜 内容物都差不多。大包大概就是冒菜的那个菜包(笋,土豆,藕,木耳,魔芋,金针菇)。只不过除此还有一个小包也不知道为啥


一包大豆/豌豆(我也不知道是啥 炸完长得都差不多 不过包装上写的是豌豆







总之看起来挺热闹的 也挺适合带出去(再次吐槽没有餐具的美国杯面









豆子多泡一会还是很香的 而且不会腮帮子疼而且豆瓣酥掉的感觉非常可爱(想吃小时候吃过的炸黄豆了