The first post on the list is dedicated to the cute and foul uncle X Yami cartons and postcards! Received 4 Yami Express in two days! 3 of the 4 postcards are pink. Fortunately, I received this one from my fire sign 😏 It’s a pity that there are no earthy love words written by Miss Yami herself😔 I'm super happy to grab the Dr Jart blue pills that were killed in seconds, and I also got Refa in seconds, hahaha, it's just a bug price, I'd like to have more of this in the future! Recommend three favorites: Good morning mask, I used it for the first time, and I fell in love with it after using it for three days! The mint feeling is just right, I wake up instantly in the morning, and the mask paper is also quite comfortable~ Not much to say about the blue pill, the mask that is popular all over the world and repurchased in ten thousand years. The famous Refa classic is super convenient to use, push it wherever you want, without charging or painting. I bought n0 before and can't remember to use it... This one is easier to stick to. ps. Why does the camera keep mixing in strange things? 🤪🤪🤪
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晒单第一贴 献给可爱到犯规的同道大叔X亚米纸箱和明信片! 两天收了4个亚米快递!4张明信片里3张都是粉色,还好收到了我大火象星座的这一张😏 可惜都没有亚米小姐姐亲手写的土味情话😔 超开心抢到了秒杀的Dr Jart蓝药丸,还秒到Refa啊哈哈哈,简直bug价格,以后这种再多来点好嘛! 推荐三样最爱的:早安面膜,第一次用,用了三天已经完全爱上了!薄荷感清凉的刚好,早上瞬间清醒,面膜纸也蛮舒服~ 蓝药丸不多说了,火遍全球,万年回购的面膜。 大名鼎鼎的Refa经典款,用起来超方便,想推哪里推哪里,不用充电也不用涂东西。之前买了n0一直想不起来用…这个比较容易坚持下去。 ps. 怎么镜头里一直混进奇怪的东西?🤪🤪🤪