Uncle Cancer Uncle

I was a little disappointed that the box I received yesterday was not a cute box from my fellow uncle, but I didn't expect it to be the box today. It may be that the box I had yesterday was too much for the uncle's box.😂It's a pity that the postcard is a fire constellation and I It's a water constellation.

Today this box is a seckill,refaTo be honest, I hesitated for a long time, In addition to being expensive, there are many people who read the comments and say that it hurts to use. Not long ago, I tried it on a friend and found that it doesn't hurt even if I don't use a face cream mask. Full discount, less than 67I am super happy to get it.

Noodles, masks and cookies are all0.11. Didn't grab anything because I couldn't eat spicy Shin ramen. Just yesterday there were salty biscuits in the box. I took a photo with today's sweets to express my love for Master Kong. Of course, my favorite series is 3+2The soda sandwich group.

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