Scorpio 昀昀♏ uncle Yami's unboxing photo

😘Todayups The little brother came in with three boxes of Yami boxes by himself, which made my eyes shine. The three boxes are all uncles from the same road, and this box is so beautiful, it makes me happy, and the box is also intact. As soon as I got it, I took a group photo of three boxes. There were also three postcards in the box, but unfortunately there were two of them.

😘I bought some instant noodles, especially the Chongqing noodles with a spicy taste. I like to add kissing intestines, crab sticks, bean sprouts, I really like to eat it, this brand is delicious and spicy, don't buy it wrong, if you don't like the noodles in it, you can add something else, fans That sort of thing, the taste is amazing. (I will post a list for everyone to see in a few days~)

😘Let's talk about it againzeroMakeup remover cream, I have written it on my previous list, you can check it out if you like it, it's really easy to use, it removes very cleanly, and it's gentle and doesn't irritate the skin. I always stock up a lot, it's very good Use oh.

😘This time11The eyeshadow palette of etude house that Knife also grabbed, I will post a list for the babies to see in a few days, I like this orange color recently🍊series of eye shadows, beautiful, very girly, and so cheap, saving A lot of money~

😘Isehan's eyeliner I think is very easy to use, although it is a bit smudged after a long time, but it is an eyeliner I still like the color of the color, I have always used their home, and it feels good or bad.

😘I will introduce it here first. I will make up the list in a few days. If you like it, you can see more introduction. Follow me~

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😘这次11刀还抢到的etude house的眼影盘,过几天我会发晒单给宝贝们看一下,我最近很喜欢这种橘色🍊系列眼影,美美哒,很少女的感觉,而且那么低价,省了好多钱啦~