The last box has not come and throws a next hahahahahahaha, but the white sheep that is opened to the earth icon card is weak, but it is all eaten. It is not healthy (?) A loss of throwing Sample! ! ! Luobawang and Liuquan's snail noodles! ! I haven't tried it yet, but I blindly called for the snail powder! Red bean and barley porridge! Remove dampness! ! Yumei's Bo Bo Chicken and Lazy Hot Pot! It's really cool to solve lunch without having to open the door of the room 👌
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上一个箱子还没来及扔 下一个又来了哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 但是又开到土象卡的白羊疲软了🤪 又全是吃的😂😂😂不过健康(?)了一丢丢😂推荐三样!!!螺霸王和柳全的螺蛳粉!!还没试过但我为螺蛳粉盲目打call!红豆薏米芡实粥!祛湿!!与美的钵钵鸡和懒人火锅!真的房间门都不用出就能解决午餐真的很爽了👌