The first person to cook at the desk The mapo tofu sauce is really delicious Cantonese think it's spicy enough The tofu is also very tender This rice cooker has not encountered undercooking. Maybe if I wash the rice, I will knead it twice more? It's a pity that American rice is really bad. Buy rice at Yami next time.
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书桌做饭第一人 这个麻婆豆腐的酱真的很好吃 广东人觉得够辣 豆腐也挺嫩的 这个电饭锅也没有遇到煮不熟的情况 可能是我淘米会多揉一揉淘两遍? 可惜美国的米真的不好吃 下次在亚米买米吧。