Posting the list~ The box of the uncle of the same road is very beautiful! And the postcards you sent~ I really want that shopping bag 🛍️ In seconds, the beef soup enzyme and the ocean pearl mask are recommended. Glycolytic enzymes and milkis are recommended! The whole Double 11 took 5 orders~ I stocked up a lot of instant noodles🍜 Hope to be lucky enough to win the free single prize qwq
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晒单啦~同道大叔的箱子超好看!还有送的明信片什么的~好想要那个购物袋🛍️ 秒到了牛肉汤酵素还有海洋珍珠面膜~推荐糖质分解酵素和milkis!整个双11秒了5单~囤了好多泡面🍜 希望能有幸抽到免单大奖qwq