Uncle Mi, Gemini, opened the box and posted the list 💗

A total of four Yami Express have been received in November as of today


Finally! !

Received the box from my fellow uncle!

(When the stall was set up, the master kept making trouble, so he simply brought him in as a model, hahaha)

👆The picture above is the box received today and the entire contents of the box.
This box is mostly snacks.

I have eaten snacks in Yami for several years, and today I will mainly introduce these three items according to the request of the eldest lady:

(Left) Calbee Cuttlefish: This is what a potato chip or something looks like to make a cuttlefish. Enough flavor! The little cuttlefish was super crispy and the portion was huge. And compared to honey potato chips, this one is a big package. Each small cuttlefish is the size of a thumb, and it is exactly one bite. If you usually eat heavy-duty potato chips, this is really a must try.

(Middle) Honey Butter Potato Chips: This pack of potato chips is a bit sweeter and milder than the first pack. A crunch, the first sip can taste sweet and buttery, but this taste is just right. When I first ate it, I just thought that the sweet potato chips were quite special, but I didn't think it was particularly delicious. But after eating one bag, I found that I was addicted! ⚠ This is a very addictive potato chip! !

(right) Crab Roe and Broad Beans: Actually, I originally wanted to po crab cucumber seeds, but this time I didn’t get TT, so I had to use it instead.

The golden crispy crab roe shell wraps the melon seeds, and the taste is very good. You can taste the taste of crab roe by eating one by one, not to mention the crunching taste of a packet of crab cucumber seeds poured into your mouth.

The individual bags of crab cucumber seeds are very convenient, and eating one bag at a time can prevent eating too much at one time! The price is not expensive, and it doesn't hurt to share.

Every time the crab cucumber seeds are in stock, I buy seven or eight bags and store them. . . But it's really hard to grab.

👆Finally, please post the snacks that arrived this time! These were bought at the time of early entry, and I like it when they arrived so quickly!

In addition to these, I also stocked up a few boxes of hot pot base, ingredients and instant noodles,

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