💕🎊Double Eleven Unboxing 1🎊💕

First Box:

The first box has arrived!  

I have been looking at Dong Ejiao from afar🐽I am afraid it will be a I can't take the medicine. Isn't that a waste of money! So I haven't bought it. When I saw the price reduction on Double Eleven, I couldn't control my hands to place an order.

Addition: I'm not sure about the efficacy of Dong Ejiao. Anyway, it's good for the skin and body. If I eat a lot of these things every day, I'm really not sure about the effect. But it tastes like sesame, not bad.

To make up the order, of course, start with the banana milk in Korea🍌. I always saw it in Korean comics before, and I always wanted to drink it. Once you start, you can't stop. Bananas and cantaloupe are my favorites. Strawberries are okay. I bought two because my boyfriend likes them very much.

Xianxiangzui does not need to explain, right? Girls always need a snack, and my mouth can't keep up. 😏

Recommendations for Cancers:

💕East Ejiao💕

💕Banana Milk💕

💕Beef Flavor💕

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