✨Uncle Pseudo-Cancer Unboxing 3✨ The third seckill has arrived! Ontrac was delivered in the morning. But there was no knock on the door so I didn't even know it had been delivered. In addition to the seckill items this time, I also bought pink spicy chicken noodles and Haidilao self-heating hot pot. I bought 6 masks this time 😆Happy Recommended items ⬇️ 🌟 Indonesia Yingduo Original Dry Noodles: A very delicious dry noodles. A packet of bread is not a lot. It contains sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, fried onions and seasoning powder. Personally, I feel that there is not enough sweet soy sauce on this side to mix the whole noodles. But this sweet soy sauce is what characterizes this noodle! 🌟 Spring Rain Honey Pot Mask: Open the mask and smell the sweet honey. Applying the mask is like applying a layer of honey 🤣 and smelling that fragrance. This is a very comfortable hydrating mask. A lot of essence 🌟 Samyang Cream Cheese Turkey Noodles Pink limited new flavor: I never dared to eat spicy chicken noodles in black packaging. The original black flavor is really too spicy, I threw it away after only a few bites because I couldn't stand it too spicy. I can take it with the pink cream cheese flavor. I only added half of the sauce and it still felt spicy but acceptable. Cheese is strong and tastes delicious. Picture 3 is the noodles I made. This box of postcards is repeated 😭😭
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✨伪巨蟹座同道大叔开箱3✨ 第三场秒杀的到了!Ontrac早上就送到了。但是没有敲门所以我都不知道已经送到了。 这次除了秒杀的东西我还买了粉色的辣鸡面和海底捞自热小火锅。 这次秒杀买到六片面膜了😆开心 推荐物品⬇️ 🌟 印尼营多 原味干捞面:非常好吃的一种干拌面。一包面量不是很多。里面有甜酱油、辣椒酱、炸洋葱和调味粉。个人感觉这面的甜酱油不够多,不够拌整个面。但是这个甜酱油就是这个面的特点! 🌟 春雨 蜜罐面膜:打开面膜闻到香香甜甜蜂蜜的味道。敷面膜就像是敷着一层蜂蜜🤣一直闻到那香味。这是一款很服帖的补水面膜。精华很多 🌟 三养 奶油芝士火鸡面 粉色限定新口味:吃过黑色包装的辣鸡面就再也不敢吃了。黑色原味的真的是太辣了,我只吃了几口就扔了因为受不了太辣的。粉色的奶油芝士口味的我就能接受。我只加了一半的酱,还是会觉得辣,但是能接受。芝士味很浓,吃起来很香。图三就是我拌好的面。 这一箱的明信片重复了😭😭