The third wave of Scorpio's uncle uncle

🌸Three boxes came today, and I won't take the other small box without my fellow uncle, so I will take two large boxes. 😁This is the third wave of express I have received. It feels great to receive express every day, every time I open the box When the time is full of smiles, happy and happy

🌸I recommend these two masks to you today. It is said that the essence is too much to explode, and it is very hydrating. It is autumn and winter, so it is very suitable for use This one, I bought it to try it out, and then I will write a review for everyone to see how it works

🌸The other is a conditioner recommended by my girlfriend to my ex-boyfriend. She said that it is very easy to use, better than Shiseido

span>finoOkay, it smells like that of peach, the hair will smell very good, and the hair will be very soft and smooth. Like fino is that kind of fake slippery feeling, in a few days I will also take time to write down the list, recently There are a lot of things, I can't send it right away, I hope the babies will understand

🌸There is also a female private parts care lotion, which is scented with roses. The recommendation is good. I have bought American brands before, so I want to see if this works.

🌸Kishiro's jelly, I will not talk nonsense, my favorite, mixed fruits and peaches I like to eat , I bought a lot, and I often ate these when I was a child. When I saw that Yami was in stock, I bought it directly

🌸If you like it, you can follow me if you want to see more introduction~ I will try my best to update it~

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