Leo♌️Unpacking and posting ❤️❤️❤️ Bought three boxes of snacks during Double Eleven Finally got two of these boxes today ❤️Butter potato chips have been heard for a long time, finally I ate them today ❤️ Strongly recommend two packs of Kai Yao food: matsutake mushrooms and chicken fir. Super meal, after opening the two packs, there is a very fragrant taste. There are crispy peppers inside but not spicy at all. I even ate two bowls of porridge, and the taste is amazing. ❤️Bobo chicken is a product I repurchased. I have bought it before. This time I found the discount and I immediately bought it and bought it without negotiation. ❤️This is the first time I tried the lazy mask, and I was a little confused by the reviews. I plan to buy it at a discount and give it a try. ❤️❤️❤️ The uncle card is too cute, the two boxes of snacks are just different, I hope the third box will be another one. Really happy to receive the package 😄😄😄
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狮子座♌️开箱晒单啦❤️❤️❤️ 双十一期间买了三箱零食 今天终于迎来了其中两箱 ❤️黄油薯片是听说了很久,今天终于吃上了 ❤️强烈推荐两包开耀食品:松茸和鸡枞。超级下饭,两包打开之后就有一股很香的味道,里面有酥酥的辣椒但是一点都不辣,让连吃了两碗稀饭,味道赞赞的。 ❤️钵钵鸡是我回购的产品,之前有买过,这次发现折扣立马买买买不商量。 ❤️懒人面膜我初次尝试,看评论有些纠结,打算趁折扣买回来试试看。 ❤️❤️❤️同道大叔卡片太可爱,两箱零食刚好是不一样的,希望第三箱会是另外一款。 收到包裹真的是太开心😄😄😄