I killed a lot of snacks in seconds, plus I made up a total of 32 pieces of the order, only $52 feels so good 😊, it was delivered in just two days, so awesome! My baby loves to eat eight-treasure porridge. I bought ten cans, which can be used for a few days. I also bought the original hot and dry noodles that we Wuhan people love to eat. If it has a spicy taste, it will be the best. The snail powder only grabbed two packs, and it was only 1.11, which is a great deal!
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秒杀了好多零食,加上自己凑单的一共32件,才$52感觉好赚😊,才两天就寄到了,好给力呀! 我家娃最爱吃八宝粥,买了十罐,可以打发几天了。 还买了俺们武汉人爱吃的原味热干面,如果有麻辣味的话就最好了。 螺狮粉只抢了两包,才1.11,太超值划算了!