Aries exclusive fellow uncle Yami out of the box

I just received Yami's constellation box today and can't wait to open it! ! ! office's sister also praised how cute this box is hahaha

Open the box and find a lot of small gifts😯Super happy!

A complete set of Yami postcards, I feel that the words in each one are in line with the Aries described in everyone's mouth: big-tempered but quick to come and go quickly~

Secretly, I will give you a sneak peek at the superlatives written by Miss Sister (orBrother) Beautiful words~

I am so happy to receive Wangzai milk😂😂I am really I love Wangzai milk so much, it's really great for making drinks! (Secretly tell you Wangzai milk instead of regular milk and avocado egg pudding is super delicious with ice)

Mouse pads, cubes, coasters, pendants, and Ballpoint pen~

Passport holders and luggage tags are cute and thoughtful! It happened repeatedly because I took someone else's luggage at the airport by mistakeThis luggage tag is really a sight to behold. Can recognize it! The passport holder is also very delicate and small, I have already st0 my passport in it!

Anyway, this constellation box is really great! (Although I seem to have accidentally spoiled the content) Thank you so much Yami! Love you!

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收到旺仔牛奶别提我多开心了😂😂我真的超爱旺仔牛奶的,用来做饮品真的也超级棒!(偷偷告诉你们 旺仔牛奶代替普通牛奶 和牛油果 鸡蛋布丁和冰块打在一起会超级好喝)