The long-awaited box has finally arrived ❤ 1) Yumei Self-heating Hot Pot Super delicious! It's the best I've ever eaten! Highly recommend this! 2) Taiwan Jinbao Luncheon Meat None of my favorites! It's the best lunch meat! It's delicious when fried in a pancake! Putting it in a hot pot is heaven! 3) Hong Kong Vita Apple Jasmine Tea It's the best drink ever! A little bit of sweetness and the fragrance of apple flavor~ It tastes even better after it is chilled~ I will recommend these first today~ I just drank the first packet of Tangliu Tea today~ I don’t know if it works~ It’s the taste of barley tea~ Tonight with friends until 2 am, eating chicken wings and singing~ I spent a happy day in the midterm~ I hope today's decadence didn't make me gain weight 🤦🏻‍♀️ The few pounds that I finally lost must not grow back!
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期待已久的箱子终于到啦❤ 1)与美 自热小火锅 超级好吃!是我吃过的最好吃的!强烈推荐这个! 2)台湾金宝午餐肉 我的最爱没有之一!是最好吃的午餐肉没错了!煎一煎放在饼里就是美味!放到火锅里面煮就是天堂! 3)香港维他 苹果茉莉茶 是最好喝的饮料没错了!一点点淡淡的甜加上苹果味的清香~冰镇后更加好喝喔~ 今天就先推荐这些啦~ 糖流茶今天刚喝了第一包~不知道有没有用~就是大麦茶的味道~今晚和朋友们嗨到凌晨2点,又是吃鸡翅又是唱歌的~ 度过了midterm欢欢喜喜的一天~希望今天的颓废没有让我长胖🤦🏻‍♀️好不容易瘦下来的几斤可千万不能再长回去呀!