Uncle Tongdao✖️Yami Cancer Gift Pack

I finally received the 同道大叔✖️Yami Cancer pack, just today The first snow day in Cincinnati's winter, it's snowing to pick up the gift package from the UPSdelivery. Super excited, this 同道大叔 box Really cute, constellation control netizens should be very familiar with 同道大叔, Cancer is an imaginative giant panda, with the maternal essence of loving family.

First, I received a handwritten postcard. The font is very beautiful and the content is very thoughtful. The content of the postcard is based on the gift of the Cancer Mystery Pack. Guess what my gift is? !

Taurus: Lemon Tea

Aries: Wangzi Milk

Leo: Wong Lo Kat

"The ex-girlfriend can be said to be the old godmother in my life, and he is always so caring with Cancer. It's a pity that the teenager doesn't love it, and the love is no longer a teenager< span class="s1">···

That's right, the gifts I received were Laoganma's spicy three diced oil chili peppers and Laoganma's flavored soy sauce chili peppers, the total value$5.08, it really is a mysterious constellation gift, totally unexpected!

The green envelope is a set of eight Yami Cancer postcards worth ¥18.00, the text is interesting and the pictures are very vivid, and my three favorites are "No Weight Loss in March April I'm just sad", "Just full stomach Hungry when I say I'm hungry", "I don't think today Eat the soil tomorrow." I have already put such a cute postcard on my desktop, and I am reluctant to give it to others! The bottom of the envelope also says I'm your mother, so creative!

Very useful phone rings, pens and coasters also feature the Ami.com logo

Yamibuy will send you a non-slip mouse pad, the bottom is glued to the desktop, not easy to move, soft and elastic. Each side of this Rubik's Cube also has different patterns, the cutest should be delicious enough to turn around!

A cute panda luggage tag, worth¥38.00, yes Made of silicone, the name and address can be written on the back, and it has been hung on the luggage immediately after taking the photo. There is also an anti-counterfeiting code on the box to check the authenticity, so cool!

The last gift is the Blue Constellation Space Series Passport Holder, worth¥68.00 , There is also an anti-counterfeiting code on the box to check the authenticity. The passport holder can easily collect and organize passports. The size and thickness are moderate. Unfortunately, the silicone doll needs to be purchased separately.

I am very grateful to Yamibuy for giving me this opportunity to get the Cancer Gift Pack. I will continue to participate in different activities in the future. Through this activity, I think I am a little in love with 同道大叔, haha!

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绿色信封是一整套一共八张亚米巨蟹座的明信片价值¥18.00,文字有趣、图片也十分生动,而我最喜欢的三张便是「三月不减肥 四月徒伤悲」,「刚饱的肚子 说饿就饿」、「今天不省 明天吃土」。这么可爱的明信片我已经放在我的桌面上,都不舍得送别人!信封底部还写着我是你妈,实在太有创意!