#tongdao unbox# I bought it with the school’s 15% discount code before Double Eleven. It’s really hard to get the Bobo Chicken, and it’s sold out as soon as it comes out. You must not hesitate to shop on Yami, otherwise you won’t be slow 😂 Kao’s The eye mask is really good! I've stocked it up for no less than ten times~ Then the other brand I ate before that Shanghai Braised Bamboo Shoots was super delicious, but it's taken off the shelves. This new healthy brand is on the shelf. I haven't tried it yet, it should be as delicious as the previous one. !
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#同道大叔开箱# 双十一之前用了学校85折code买的,钵钵鸡真的好难抢到,一出就抢光,在亚米上购物一定不能犹豫,否则手慢无😂 花王的眼罩真的超好用啦!已经囤了不下十次了~然后那个上海油焖笋之前吃的另一个牌子超好吃的但是下架了,上了这个新健康牌子的,还没试,看上去应该和之前的一样好吃!