Exclusive Libra Fellow Uncle✖️Yami Mysterious Constellation Gift Unboxing

Uncle Tongdao✖️Yami Mysterious Constellation Gift -My Libra⚖️

🎈After a week of waiting, I finally received a box full of surprises. Come and open the box~

I am really lucky to get this high-value constellation gift customized by my fellow uncle and Yamibuy🥳

Mysterious Gift DR.JARTDeeply hydrating intensive moisturizing mask with patented moisturizing ingredientsaqua, aloe vera and other essences that calm the skin, I can't praise the beauty-loving Libra in the dry season of autumn and winter, it is very intimate🌸

Little Rubik's Cube was the first one I opened, and I was attracted by the six expressions. In fact, I really wanted to try to disrupt it and then return to Zhao, I was afraid that I would be embarrassed if I couldn't turn it around😅. FavoriteLaughing and crying, for Libras who are entangled, worry about gains and losses, and do not like to quarrel even if they have a backlog of grievances and grievances.🏷️, let's warm up with a mask🌤☀️

✈️What catches the eye is the super intimate passport holder, simple and elegant, the texture and workmanship reflect the details, open the left side inside Also holds two cards and paper cash. 

Also, Libra's bright luggage tag, I use it immediately for those who love to travel⤵️

Hello KittyLuggage with luggage tags, a girl who never grows up

Yamiklogo mouse pad, ballpoint pen, phone ring, non-slip coaster

📪Libra⚖️ An exclusive customized postcard, the humorous and lovely text interprets Libra incisively and vividly, tangled, warm baby, beauty is justice, beauty is a lifelong career, honorary president of the Appearance Association (I am not of the Appearance Association😂), absolutely! Do not! host! Move🤔

In short, Libra who is very satisfied with the wind direction, in addition to really changing the bad habit of indecision🤓

❤️Thanks Yami, MMODA😚️

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專屬天秤座 同道大叔✖️亞米神秘星座禮物 開箱

同道大叔✖️亚米神秘星座礼物 -屬於我的天秤座⚖️



神秘礼物之 DR.JART深层补水强效保湿面膜,含有保湿专利成分aqua,镇静肌肤的芦荟等精华,对于爱美的秤子在秋冬干燥季简直不能赞一词,无比贴心🌸




Hello Kitty行李箱搭配行李牌,永远长不大的少女心