I finally received a box full of snacks, although there is no box from the uncle, but I bought a lot of snacks. Yamibi buys it at hmart and super market, it will be much cheaper, 😄 There is actually Zhang Junya's new packaging e, Double 11 is really affordable. I bought so many snacks and instant noodles without spending much money.
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终于收到啦满满一箱的零食啦,虽然没有同道大叔的箱子,但是,买啦好多的零食,亚米比在hmart和中超买,会便宜很多,😄 居然有张君雅的新包装e, 双11确实好实惠啊,没花多少钱就买啦这么多的零食,泡面