【Fried Chicken Kitchen】 Super home-made sauces make garlic-flavored ribs all over the house!

Let's show you Amway's recipe for garlic ribs, which is very simple and suitable for showing off when there are many people~

Actually, it was the first time I made it before and it was unexpectedly delicious. Take a bite of the pork ribs and the aroma of garlic and sauce blend together, plus the aroma of oil, it will not feel too wonderful! ,

The recipe of the pickled sauce is borrowed from the kitchen "Little Fat Man": in fact, it is the sauce that is available at home, light soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, garlic powder and garlic~

Because what I do is fragrant, I must have enough garlic. I probably used 6 ribs and added 9 cloves of garlic.

Mix the minced garlic with light soy sauce, cooking wine, garlic powder, a little dark soy sauce and a little sugar to make a marinade sauce, and put the ribs in to marinate overnight.

The last step is simple. It will be more fragrant if you use an air fryer or a frying pan. If you want to fry or bake it, you can also make the ribs. The ribs are full of garlic and tender and juicy!



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【炸鸡厨房】 超家常的酱汁做出香飘满屋的蒜香肋骨!