Gege Secret | Rice cooker version of super luxurious and satisfying braised rice with sausage and fungus 🍚

🔺Today's Grid wants to share a personal recipe of mine~A super delicious secret rice cooker version of super delicious sausage fungus + shiitake mushroom + green pepper + potato stew hahahahahahaha!!!Because it's too many ingredients So I don’t know how to name it. Just write a random one!!But I have to say that this braised rice is really delicious Delicious enough that my man and I simmered two cups of rice I ate it all that night

🔺 Although it looks like the ingredients are very rich and complex But this braised rice is invincible, simple and fast Guaranteed that you will see it when you see it!

▪️First you need to prepare the ingredients

①Two cups of Thai basmati rice

②Sausage(Slicedshiitake mushrooms(soaked slices Agaric(Bubble Shredded Hair) Potato(Cut into small pieces) green peppers( Cut in pieces

③ Scallions  Minced garlic cilantro

▪️Seasoning needs salt MSG Zanthoxylum noodle  Pepper oil Chili oil  Gas consumption Oil Sauce A small amount of cooked oil chili adds color< /span>

▪️ Then pour the rice into the country the sausage shiitake Agaric shreds Potato pieces and green peppers are spread once  

▪️Pour in the sauce and minced garlic Finally pour in a bottle of mineral waterokla~Press the rice cooker button!

▪️Pour a lot of chopped green onion out of the pot Then stir well Put it into a bowl and add some parsley.!

🔺✌️A pot of super rich spicy flavor < span class="s2">The stewed rice with sausage, potato, fungus, mushroom and green pepper is ready!the water is just rightQSweet and sweet It's the distinct smell of stove and firewood!One mouthful is full of scents in memory! span>!At this time, the fungus is crisp and delicious The fat and spicyness of the sausage will also be absorbed into the meal Full of the unique aroma of the sausage span> with a hint of spiciness Full of Sichuan flavor!And the potatoes are soft enough at this time As if combined with rice fine and soft!!!The last is the natural aroma of dried shiitake mushrooms I can't stop eating it!

🔺One of the details of making this stew is to remember not to put too much water Otherwise, it will come out a little wet and a little watery!!)Only the amount of boiled rice with a bottle of water can achieve the ultimate taste!!!And I finished it Later, I found that the green peppers will turn yellow when they are matured in the later stage. It will affect the sense of color a little Add or not!!!Because green pepper is more The taste and taste of the other ingredients are really inferior.…

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格格秘制 | 电饭煲版超豪华满足的香肠木耳焖饭🍚

🔺今天的格格想要给大家分享一款我的私人菜谱吧~一个超级好吃的秘制电饭煲版本的超级多料超级好吃的香肠木耳+香菇+青椒+土豆焖饭哈哈哈哈!!!因为真的太多配料太丰富了 所以也不知道怎么取名字啦 就随便的写一个!!但是我不得不说这个焖饭做出来真的无敌好吃 好吃到我和男票焖了两杯米的饭 当天晚上全吃光

🔺 虽然说看上去食材非常的丰富又复杂 但是这一款焖饭却是无敌简单快手的 保证你一看就会!



②香肠(切片) 香菇干(泡发切片) 木耳(泡发切丝) 土豆(切小块) 青椒(切块) 

③ 葱段 蒜末 香菜

▪️调料需要盐 味精 花椒面 花椒油 辣椒油 耗油 香油 酱油 少量熟油辣椒增色

▪️ 然后将米倒入国内 将香肠 香菇 木耳丝 土豆块和青椒一次铺好 

▪️接着倒入酱料和蒜末 最后倒入一瓶矿泉水就ok啦~按电饭锅的煮饭按键!

▪️出锅倒入大量葱花 然后搅拌均匀 盛入碗中再加适量香菜就好咯!

🔺✌️一锅超级丰富的麻辣鲜香味 香肠土豆木耳香菇青椒焖饭就做好了!水分刚好饱满的Q弹香甜味 而是粒粒分明的灶香柴火味!一口口满满都是而是记忆中的香味!此时木耳丝丝脆爽入味 香肠的油脂和麻辣也会吸收到饭菜里 满满都是香肠的独特香气 还带有一丝辣味 满满都是四川味道!而此时的土豆也足够绵软 仿佛和米饭结合在一起 细腻绵软!!!最后就是干香菇的天然香味 一口口真的欲罢不能!

🔺做这个焖饭有一个细节就是记住水不能放多了 不然出来就是会有点而湿有点儿稀口感!!)只有一瓶水的量焖烧出来的米饭才能达到极致的口感!!!还有就是我做完之后发现青椒后期熟后会变成黄黄的 有点儿影响色彩感 可加可不加!!!因为青椒比起其它几样配料发挥出来的口感和味道真的逊色太多了.…