【Smoked Salmon Fillet】A simple and delicious appetizer with bread! Smoked salmon fillets come with their own salt and black pepper! So the family cut off the surrounding black material. Figure 2 is the material Mix cumin dill and cream cheese, spread salmon fillets, here you can stack as many layers as you like, the family made 3 layers Sliced bread, then mixed with mustard and mayonnaise to spread the bread Putting it all together: croutons, lettuce, salmon filling Garnish with rosemary and small tomatoes and you're done!
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【熏三文鱼片】配搭面包简单好吃的开胃菜! 熏的三文鱼片本身自带盐和黑胡椒!所以家属把周围的黑色料都切掉了。 图二是材料 小茴香dill和cream cheese混合,涂抹三文鱼片,这里可以随喜好叠加层数,家属弄了3层 面包切片,然后芥末酱和美乃滋混合涂抹面包 整合在一起:面包片,生菜,三文鱼夹心 上面点缀rosemary和小番茄就好啦!