Uncle Tongdao❌Yami.com is out of the box~ Double 11 and Yamibuy.com are both my first experiences🤣🤣🤣Oh, how outdated I am😯😅😅😅 I should never return on the road of Yami~ Before the 🔜Double 11 shopping, my sister told me to buy, buy, buy... Then I reluctantly opened the yamibuy that I downloaded since I changed my phone😅 Ashamed, I haven't registered yet, so I quickly left It took half an hour to register, fill in the information, and ten minutes passed, and then I felt like I discovered a new world~ shopping cart, plus plus plus plus, it will be 2 minutes soon~ I haven’t finished the selection yet. ! ! ! And then, why can't I pay! ! ! It always shows that there are goods that have come, but there are no more, and then you can't pay! ! ! The problem is that it doesn't show that there is nothing left, and then I delete, delete and delete back and forth, and finally there is a healthy water left, 😂😂😂 Then, my enthusiasm is half gone,~ In the end, I added the unforgettable Langweixian, Lay's cucumber potato chips and the long-awaited Kao eye mask and sheseido hair mask, and then I discovered that the culprit that prevented me from paying more than a dozen times was sheseido hand cream ! ! ! Then I didn't forget to add a few masks, 🥰🥰🥰 I'm happy, I got it done in a few minutes, 😂 But when my sister soaked the snail powder she bought, I couldn't help regretting, my hot and sour powder,! ! Why didn't you buy it! ! ! In fact, I am a chatterbox, and am entertaining myself! Speaking of the main point, the box of yamibuy's fellow uncle is too eye-catching~ When the handsome guy from UPS came over with the box, I knew that my package 📦 has arrived! ! ! Such a cute constellation postcard! Recommend ✨1️⃣ No. 1 is Kao eye mask~ As a person who can't live without my phone when I open my eyes, my eyes are very dry. I have always heard about Kao's steam eye mask, but I am too lazy to buy it. In addition to being so fragrant, 😆40 degree steam is really comfortable! After about 6, 7, 8 or a few minutes, the temperature will slowly dissipate ~ the dryness of the eyes will be relieved a lot ~ of course, it is not permanent, basically there is no problem with the eyes for a day, and the rest should pay attention to eye care. ~ is the last word! In fact, it is similar to the effect of a warm towel on the eyes, that is, the lazy friends can try it~ ✨No. 2️⃣ is the healthy water~ I haven't used it a few times yet☺️Can't deceive the effect, but the smell that many friends dislike, I think it's okay, I suddenly found that the cheeks are a little closed, and I have to work hard to start wet compress, looking forward to it The effect ~ so it is not recommended for the time being~ Recommend ✨3️⃣4️⃣ Okay~ Let's come together, because there is too much nonsense, I'm tired of typing~ It's Langweixian and Lay's Cucumber Flavored Potato Chips! ! ! These are the few delicious snacks in my memory. When I eat them again, I am full of memories. Besides, they are really delicious and delicious. 🥰 The reason why Lay's Cucumber Flavored Potato Chips are recommended is that there doesn't seem to be any cucumber-flavored potato chips in the United States, at least I didn't find them~ So even if I don't like Lay's thick potato chips, I still like their home Fresh cucumber flavor~😋 Let’s finish in a hurry after a bunch of nonsense, good night everyone~ Other products such as barley water and hair mask have not been opened yet, so I won’t comment~ Then~ I'm going to continue to buy, buy, buy, I heard, buy 3 pills get 1 free~ I heard~ Don't talk about it, let's continue shopping~ By the way, do you want to say your constellation, it's not very romantic And Sagittarius ♐, who has low mobility, is still looking forward to #collecting cards with rice balls#~ hahahaha~ I am secretly having fun!
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同道大叔❌亚米网开箱来啦~ 双十一以及亚米网,都是第一次经历🤣🤣🤣哎哟,我是有多落伍啊😯😅😅😅从此应该在亚米的路上一去不回了~ 在🔜马上临双十一抢购前,妹妹和我说买买买...然后我就勉为其难地开了自从换新手机后随手下载的yamibuy😅羞愧,我还没注册呢,然后赶紧地,剩半小时了,注册,填资料,十来分钟过去了,然后我就如同发现了新大陆啊啊啊~购物车,加加加加加加,马上2分钟要秒了~我都还没选完呢!!!然后的然后,为什么我付不了款!!!老是显示,有商品已啥啥来着,就是没有了,然后付不了!!!问题是没有显示啥东西没有了,然后我就来回地删啊删啊删啊,最终就剩了一支健康水,,😂😂😂然后的然后,我的热情啊,都灭一半了,~ 最后的最后,就加了不能放弃的浪味仙,乐事黄瓜薯片和向往已久的花王眼罩和sheseido发膜,然后就让我发现让我十几次付不了款的罪魁祸首就是sheseido手霜!!!然后居然还不忘加几片面膜,🥰🥰🥰开心,几分钟搞定了,😂可是在妹妹泡她买的螺蛳粉的时候我不禁后悔,我的酸辣粉,!!为什么没有买!!! 其实我是个话痨来着,自娱自乐! 说重点了,yamibuy的同道大叔的箱子太抢眼了~远远UPS的帅哥抱着箱子过来时我就知道,我的包裹📦到啦!!!好可爱的星座明信片啊啊! 推荐✨1️⃣号就是花王眼罩啦~作为一个睁开眼睛就离不开手机我,眼干涩地厉害,一直有听闻花王的蒸汽眼罩,可是懒得去买,刚好yamibuy🈶😊赞赞赞,除了觉得真的太香了以外,😆40度的蒸汽真的很舒服!大概6、7、8还是几分钟之后慢慢温度就消散了~眼睛的干涩感就缓解了不少~当然,不是永久的啦,基本一天的用眼没有问题,其他的还是要注重眼睛保养啊~才是硬道理!其实类似温毛巾敷眼的效果,就是懒着动手的小伙伴可以试试试试~ ✨2️⃣号就是健康水啦~实在我还没有用几次☺️不能欺瞒效果,但是很多小伙伴嫌弃的味道,我觉得还行,突然发现脸颊有一些些闭口,要勤劳地开始湿敷了,期待效果~所以暂时不算推荐啦~ 推荐✨3️⃣4️⃣好~一起来啦,因为废话太多,打字好累了~就是浪味仙和乐事黄瓜味薯片!!!都是我记忆力为数不多的几美味零食,再次吃到的时候,满满的回忆,况且,是真的好吃好吃好吃,😘😋😋😋浪味仙不多说,就是好吃,🥰乐事黄瓜味薯片推荐的理由就是,好像美国没有卖任何黄瓜味的薯片呢,至少我是没有找到啦~所以即使即使我不爱乐事那厚厚的薯片,我还是喜欢他们家清新的黄瓜味~😋 一堆废话后匆匆结尾吧,各位晚安~其他的产品例如薏仁水和发膜都还没有开封用呢,所以不点评了~ 然后~我要继续买买买了,听说,药丸面膜买3送1~听说~不说了,还是继续逛逛吧~对了,是不是要说自己的星座啊,做为不怎么浪漫并且行动力低下的射手座♐,还是很期待#和饭团儿一起集卡#的~哈哈哈哈~自己偷着乐!