Thanksgiving 100-15 is a great time to stock up! Place an order to eat dirt! ! Mimi Shrimp Strips: repurchased product, the taste of childhood, the taste is not bad, and the weight of a pack is just enough for a small snack; Little Boss series: repurchased products, basically every taste is good, little boss basically can't go wrong; Cat-catching fish: Guifei fish and crispy fish are good, but the portion is a little small, and the price is not high. Happy fish is the first time I buy it, and I will add comments later. Han River fish is extremely not recommended! Hard and unpalatable! Fragrant iron eggs: I accidentally bought 3 servings. There are three small packets of two in each packet. They are smaller than tea eggs, and it is not cost-effective to eat two each time. It is much harder to eat directly than tea eggs. , it must be boiled, it is not recommended to repurchase (I also bought 4 packs (>person<;) Saliva: This is a surprise! ! ! My heart has always been that Yanjin Shop is helpless and often out of stock, this time I tried Saliva Baby, the taste is super similar to Yanjin Shop! The portions are also very close! The beef in the sauce is not spicy. I highly recommend not spicy stars~ Xiaolin One Drop of Deodorant: Artifact, artifact! If someone in your family smells bad when you go to the toilet (uh, is there a toilet that doesn't smell...) this must be prepared! Just a drop or two before use really doesn't need much! ! No matter how bad it smells, it will go away! It's not to cover up the heavy smell, but it really eliminates the smell! A few knives can be used for a long time. Visually, it took me more than half a year to go to 1/3. This time I gave it to a friend; Saborino Good Morning Mask: It can’t be considered a mask, it’s just face wash + skin care. It’s been super hot recently. It is said that even the facial cleanser, lotion, and cream have been saved directly. .
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感恩节100-15简直是囤货的大好时机!下单下到吃土!! 咪咪虾条:回购品,童年的味道,味道还不错,而且一包的分量刚刚好一份小零嘴; 小老板系列:回购品,基本上每个味道都不错,小老板基本错不了; 抓猫的鱼:贵妃鱼、香酥脆鱼都不错,就是分量有点少,性价比不高,开心鱼第一次买,之后会追加评价,汉江鱼极度不推荐!又硬又难吃! 香铁蛋:不小心买了3份入的,里面是三小包每小包里有两个,个头比茶叶蛋偏小,而且每次一定要吃两个不划算,直接吃比茶叶蛋硬多了,必须要煮一下,不推荐回购(我还买了4包(>人<;) 口水娃:这次的惊喜!!!我的心水一直是盐津铺子无奈经常断货,这次就试了口水娃,味道和盐津铺子超像的!分量也很接近!酱汁牛肉味是不辣的非常推荐不辣星人~ 小林一滴消臭:神器啊神器!如果你家里有人上厕所很臭(呃有上厕所不臭的吗……)这个必须要备一个!只要在用前滴一两滴真的不需要多!!再臭都会消味!不是拿重味去掩盖哦而是真的消除臭味!几刀的东西能用超久的,目测我家用了大半年才去了1/3,这次是送朋友的; Saborino早安面膜:不能算面膜吧,就是洗脸+护肤,最近超火的,据说连洗面奶、化妆水、面霜都直接省了,非常适合懒癌晚期,不过用完我还是会补点面霜的。