Amy out of the box!

MaybefinalIn addition to the cold weather in winter, I can eat fast food, Yami buys Box after box, box after box without stopping

I got another box today! Let me show you what delicious food I bought!

In addition to these, I also bought peanuts and a mask hee hee ~ take it apart and eat it hahaha😄 p>

This time I bought all my favorite things!

It's been a long time since I had sachima and flower cakes! Happy to buy!

And there's the Chicken Nuggets! Childhood Memories!

This time I recommend the following:

1, Baijia Chenji Mala Tang Noodles.

This taste is really delicious😋It is also easy to soak, so it can be soaked for a longer time The fans are soft and full of the soup, which is very fragrant!

There are also soybeans in it. My favorite is to fish for the beans when eating fans. In short, it is delicious, very suitable for my appetite, and the male ticket also likes to eat, so I quickly stocked up two packs while they were in stock. happy

2, Nongfu Villa Jiuzhi Huamei

The first time I ate this was when I was shopping at the supermarket, and I didn't expect it to be delicious! At that time, I also bought another brand of canned plum, but the saccharin flavor was too strong. In comparison, this is very delicious! It's great to eat a sweet and sour meal when you have nothing to do, which can relieve finalanxious mood.

3, Juancheng brand Pixian bean paste.

This is the commonly used doubanjiang at home! It is used in stir-fries with meat! Green pepper double-cooked pork is a must. Oil-free bean paste, especially suitable for stir-frying! This is one of the must-have sauces in my house, and I stock up on a pack every time.

4, Shanghai Evergreen.

This cookie is really selling well at Yamibuy! Buy it now and let me taste it. Rating on hold for now. It should be the kind of crispy biscuits that are not oily and delicious.

5, Sichuan-style Spicy Spicy Pot Condiment.

This is really a must-have for frying pans!

Griddle Chicken, Beef, and Shrimp! Paired with potatoes🥔lotus root and onion and celery are really super delicious. Not as bad as outside. recommend!

6, Honey Flower Cake.

It couldn't be better for breakfast! The taste is still good, although I don't think it is as good as Jiahua, but it is already great to be able to eat flower cakes! The fragrance of flowers and honey, the crispy skin, and the feeling of happiness are super strong.

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