The big night is coming to poison you again! I'm sure you've already eaten it! I like to eat snail powder very much, sometimes it is troublesome, the powder needs to be cooked for at least 15 minutes! I added some celery myself to garnish! If you don’t know how to eat spicy food, don’t put the chili oil, the sauce package itself is spicy! Is there anything that loves spicy food and doesn't like spicy food! After eating it is really a piece of snot and a table of snotty paper😪😪😪
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大晚上的又来荼毒你们了! 相信你们应该都已经吃过了! 很喜欢吃螺狮粉,有时时候就显麻烦,那个粉要煮熟透了起码15分钟! 自己又加了点芹菜,点缀下! 不会吃辣得小伙伴那个辣椒油就别放了,酱包本身就带辣了! 有没有一样爱吃辣又不会吃辣的! 吃完真是一把鼻涕一桌搽鼻涕的纸😪😪😪