The cold noodles and Lanfangyuan milk tea I received yesterday, I got up early this morning to make them. Baked cold noodles are really delicious. Because this baked cold noodle comes with its own seasoning, you only need to prepare an egg, two pieces of lunch meat, and a little coriander. Put a little oil in the pan, spread the cold noodles flat, crack an egg, then turn over and fry until cooked, and at the same time add the luncheon meat to cook. Add a little water to soften the roasted cold noodles, then brush with a layer of garlic chili sauce and powdery seasoning. Top with freshly fried luncheon meat, cilantro or chopped green onion. Then fold it in half. Delicious grilled cold noodles are ready! Super delicious, exactly the same as the ones sold in China. The milk tea in Lanfangyuan tastes pretty good. The tea taste is strong and silky. I served it with roasted cold noodles in the morning, and it felt very good.
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昨天收到的冷面和兰芳园奶茶,今天一大早就起来做啦。 烤冷面真的超级好吃。 因为这款烤冷面里自带调料,所以自己只需要准备一个鸡蛋,两片午餐肉,一点香菜。 锅里放一点油,平铺烤冷面,打一个鸡蛋,然后翻一面煎熟,同时放入午餐肉煎熟。再加一点水把烤冷面闷软,然后刷一层里面配的蒜蓉辣椒酱和粉质的调味料。再放上刚煎好的午餐肉,香菜或葱花。然后对折一下。美味的烤冷面就出锅啦! 超级好吃,和国内卖的一模一样。 兰芳园的奶茶味道还不错,茶味比较浓,很丝滑,我是早上配着烤冷面一起,感觉很不错哦。