I tried Yumi's Bobo Chicken today. During the final period, I didn't have time to cook by myself. This Bobo Chicken that can be eaten with water is really not too convenient. It also comes with chopsticks and wet wipes. The taste is not bad, and the konjac shreds, I love it, but I always want to drink water after eating, maybe the MSG is too heavy, I don't understand 😂 Mine is all vegetarian, it will be better if there is a meat bun next time
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今天试了下 与美的钵钵鸡 final期间来不及自己做饭 这个加水就能吃的钵钵鸡真的不要太方便 还贴心的附带筷子和湿巾 味道还不错 还有魔芋丝 大爱 但吃完老是想喝水 可能味精太重了吧不懂😂 我这份是全素菜的 下次要是有肉包就更好了