I usually buy blue pills and spring rain masks. This time, I have entered a few masks that I have never tried. Here I have used blue pills and honey mask, I don't know what the others are! But I really like the blue pills, it's super hydrating 👍 The Blue Pill is a moisturizing first aid mask for powerful hydration Moisturizes and softens skin, suitable for all dry and dehydrated skin Thin and docile, with a lot of essence, a very good mask paper! The spring rain mask is also not bad, compared with various masks, it is still good! This year's Double Eleven is also a harvest ❤️
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平常都是买蓝药丸和春雨面膜 这次入了几款没有试过的面膜 这里我就用过蓝色药丸和蜂蜜面膜,其他不知道是啥! 不过蓝色药丸真心喜欢,补水超级赞👍 蓝色药丸是保湿急救面膜,可以强力补水 滋润保湿、柔嫩肌肤,适合所有干燥缺水的肌肤 薄透服帖、精华液很多 非常赞的面膜纸! 春雨面膜也算不错了,和各种面膜相比还是不错的! 今年的双十一也算有收获❤️