Recently, major bloggers have begun to evaluate instant noodles again~ 🍜This Indonesian noodle was selected as one of the top 10 instant noodles in the past few years, but it should be absent this year. Maybe the ingredients are still relatively lackluster. 🍜 The amount is not much, the small packet can probably be used as a late night snack 🍜Eating method is very simple: 1. Boil water, put the noodles in and cook for 3 minutes; 2. While the noodles are cooking, put the 5 packets of sauce in Figure 2 into a bowl and mix well; 3. Drain the noodles and put them in a bowl with sauce, mix well, and you're done 👌 (Picture 3 is the finished picture) In the sauce, the red packet is sweet and spicy sauce, so it will have a slightly spicy taste at the end ~ friends like me who don't eat spicy can put less in this packet ~ I have bought many kinds of instant noodles on, this one is easy to eat and cheap, so I bought it again this time~
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最近各大博主又开始方便面测评了~ 🍜这一款印尼拌面,早几年曾经入选过10佳方便面,今年应该是没有的,可能料还是比较寡淡吧 🍜量不多,小小包,大概可以垫个肚子当个夜宵 🍜食用方法好简单: 1.煮开水,将面饼放进去煮3分钟; 2.煮面的时间,将图2那5小包酱料一起放到碗里,拌匀; 3.将面沥干放进装有酱料的碗里,拌匀,搞定👌(图三为完成图) 酱料中,红色那一小包是甜辣酱,所以最后面会有微辣的口感~像我一样不吃辣的朋友这一包可以少放些~ 曾经在亚米网买过超多种方便面,这一种因为吃起来简单然后又便宜,所以这次凑单就又买了~