Double Twelve's Yami package is here! I'm very happy that it's still the box of my fellow uncle! Too bad there are no constellation cards! But what's inside is enough to comfort me! This package is mainly for travel preparation! Lots of fast food and drinks to increase happiness during travel! The most anticipated is Lanfangyuan stockings milk tea! When you see a replenishment, place an order immediately. There is also tomato-flavored snail powder that has been planted for a long time, this time I finally bought it! I will try it and share it with my friends 😉
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双十二的亚米包裹到啦!很开心还是同道大叔的箱子耶!可惜没有星座卡片咯!不过里面的东西足以慰藉我! 这次的包裹主要是为了旅行准备哒!很多速食以及饮料,在旅行途中增加幸福感哟! 最最期待的就是兰芳园丝袜奶茶啦!看到补货立马下单。 还有番茄味的螺蛳粉也是种草已久的,这次总算是买到啦!待我试吃回来和小伙伴们分享😉